Navigate Easily at Dizengoff Center with EasyDizi

The Tel Aviv shopping center Dizengoff Center launched the navigation app, EasyDizi, about a year ago.

EasyDizi allows visitors to the Center to navigate easily amongst the various stores, attractions and buildings. Dizengoff Center is the first structure and commercial center in Israel that offers the general public a full navigation app.

The Dizengoff Center building was constructed in 1977 and has often caused confusion and difficulty in finding a particular store or a designated place. Therefore the Dizengoff Center Management Team decided to adopt the solution provided by the Shimeba Company, which developed a new dedicated navigation application for the Center, for use by the general public, which solves the problem once and for all.

The EasyDizi navigation app provides a full navigation solution similar to other familiar outdoors navigation apps such as Waze. The application identifies the position of the user in real time, positions it on a flamboyant and colorful map tailored to the navigation expanse, and which enables a convenient and easy search though the stores catalogue and places of interest and accompanies the user through full and live navigation to the desired place on the map. Now, for the first time, the Dizengoff Center visitors can improve their orientation at the complex and to feel at home, to navigate to the points of interest of their choice to obtain both static and dynamic information and to enhance their shopping experience and their stay at the complex.

App users can benefit from live location also without the need for an Internet connection.

To download the app, click here.

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