The Healthy Lifestyle Center has been open for business at Dizengoff Center for several years and offers its customers a light break for short, hands-on treatments (from 15 minutes) or longer sessions (one hour) while visiting the Center.

We focus on three types of treatments: Shiatzu, reflexology and massage.

No need to book, just show up spontaneously and enjoy the treatment.

All our therapists hold vocational certificates and are appropriately experienced.

Hours of business:

Thursdays: 10:00 – 22:00

Fridays: 10:00 – 17:00

Pricelist (for all types of treatments)

15 minutes – NIS 49

30 minutes – NIS 80

40 minutes – NIS 100

60 minutes – NIS 140

Location: 3rd floor next to Jimmy’s Gym

יריד חיים בריאים

A little about the therapy:

Shiatzu – a treatment method originating from Japan, based on pressure and stretching of the body in order to achieve relaxation of the muscles. The treatment is effected through the clothes and is traditionally carried out on a Shiatzu mat.

Reflexology – an ancient method of treatment that maps the various areas of the body to the sole of the foot. It is very easy to surrender to this type of treatment and obtain immediate relief.

Massage – Aimed at rapid relief of muscle spasms and neck pain, but also lends itself to pure pampering indulgence. The treatment is carried out on a treatment bed, and is beneficial to athletes on one hand and anyone who enjoys a pampering massage on the other hand.

For additional details, clarifications and bookings, contact the Exhibition Manager – Dudu Shemer

(054) 543-4519