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What is Urban Agriculture?

Cultivating and processing food produce in an urban expanse. The cultivation takes place in the flowerbeds of the city or on the outskirts of the city, on roofs, vertical cultivation on walls (green walls), cultivation inside buildings, etc. Cultivating vegetables and produce can be carried out by a private “farmer” at his home and up to and including intensive commercial systems. Click here for the full article.

Grampa Eliezer and the Carrot – the urban version

Green in the City – An urban agricultural farm on the roof of Dizengoff Center.

In the heart of the hubbub and the dynamic life of the City of Tel Aviv, there is unique green farm on the roof of Dizengoff Center, that offers method of cultivation of vegetables, leafy greens and herbs without soil, in an urban environment as part of workshops for the general public.

More and more people are interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle for themselves, and to know precisely what makes up the food that they consume. Therefore, many fantasize about the idea of growing their own vegetables, an idea that by and large is reserved for professionals or for those who own their own garden.

LivinGreen Hits the Roof!

At Dizengoff Center, which promotes the concept of urban sustainability, we decided to get involved in the matter, and, at the beginning of 2015, a joint venture was launched on the roof of Dizengoff Center together with the LivinGreen Company called “Green in the City”.

The objective is enable everyone to living in the city to grow agricultural produce on his own, simply and at low cost, and to benefit from quality and healthy food.

What grows at the Green in the City Farm?

Vegetables, seedlings and a range of plants, such as lettuce, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, onions, etc., tropical fish. Urban farmers are happy and urban farmers are industrious.

The vegetables are grown on the farm using the aquaponics and hydroponics methods, which means growing food plants in water without any bedding whatsoever, with the nourishment materials being dissolved in the water. This method does not require soil, and so can be effected anywhere in the house or the apartment, including in unexploited areas, such as roofs and balconies.

The systems are simple to operate, the amount of pests is relatively much smaller there is no need to use chemical pesticides and there is a huge savings in water and energy

In addition, there is a domestic biogas system at the farm, that demonstrates how organic waste can be turned into gas using microbes, which can be used for cooking and operating generators.

When can one visit the farm?

The farm is open to the general public for tours and workshops, by prior arrangement only.

Workshops at the Farm: The farm demonstrates the cultivation of agricultural produce in personal, family and commercial systems (that can be purchased for their own use), as part of workshops suited to the audience and the various age groups, at which the participants learn about urban agriculture, the cultivation methods and the various technologies and well as about the ways to implement them on their own. The workshops are suitable for groups and individuals. To sign up for a workshop, click here.

To sign up for the “Green in the Little City” children’s workshop, click here.

For additional details: please contact:

Facebook: Green in the City

Email: yarokbair.dc@gmail.com

Tel: (050) 349-4981;          (052) 844-6877

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