The Salon

The Lounge – a Place to Meet

“The Lounge” –a unique meeting place for business and private events.

“The Lounge” was built out of a concept of a quality boutique and is aimed at hosting Board of Directors meetings, management team meetings of business enterprises, associations and organizations, launches, public relations events, sales promotion events of leading marketing people and private affairs.

The place looks like a home lounge, elegantly and meticulously designed, and is built to facilitate holding discussions, conversations, study groups, and interaction between people in a quiet atmosphere with no interfering outside noise and in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Lounge can accommodate up to 35 participants.

“The Lounge” is located on the 3rd floor above Café Greg, adjacent to Jimmy’s Gym.

The cost for a two hour rental is NIS 120.

To book, please send an email to

Or call (03) 621-2400, ext. 218.